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Industry 4.0, AI and the Future of K-12 Technical Education – Mike Beighley, Superintendent of Whitehall School District

May 28, 2024

In a podcast interview with one of the most innovative superintendents in the U.S., hear how Industry 4.0 and AI are the future of technical education.

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Leveraging Partnerships and Funding to Drive Innovation in Education – Dr. Charles Lepper, President of Grand Rapids Community College

May 16, 2024

There are dozens of funding sources colleges can tap into. Dr. Charles Lepper, President of Grand Rapids Community College, shows us how to do it using strategic partnerships.

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Collaborative Solutions to Systemic Challenges: How to Build a Better Future for our Students – Joel Brennan, President of the Greater Milwaukee Committee

May 13, 2024

Joel Brennan discusses the challenges of the Milwaukee education system and why public and private organizations can work together to improve it.

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How STEM Experiences Can Help Learners Envision What’s Possible – Bryan Wunar, CEO of Discovery World

May 6, 2024

STEM experiences can open a world of possibilities to learners of all ages. Discovery World is on a mission to create a love of science in an underserved community.

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The New Corporate Learning Method to Attract Talent, Reduce Attrition and Empower Career Growth – Michelle Westfort, Chief University Officer at InStride

April 29, 2024

Ditch tuition reimbursement programs. Here’s how to attract talent, reduce attrition and empower career growth all in-house.

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Career Pathways Built on Industry-Education Collaboration – Dr. Casey Sacks, President of BridgeValley Community & Technical College

April 22, 2024

To prepare students for today’s technical workforce, we need to align K-12 to higher education to industry. Hear how BridgeValley is building career pathways through strong collaborations with education and industry partners.

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Competency-Based Learning: A Skills-First Approach to Education – Dr. Doug Jensen – President, Bismarck State College

April 15, 2024

In today’s workforce, it’s all about having the right skills for the job. Discover how Bismarck State College is running a competency-based model under President Doug Jensen’s leadership.

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How a Bold Vision for Expansion Can Energize an Organization – Tiffany Sanderson, President of Lake Area Technical College

April 5, 2024

While every other college is worrying about declining enrollment, Lake Area Tech College is expanding! Discover the power of expansion to build excitement and attract collaborators for any organization.

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Launching a Tech Company: A Startup Guide for Entrepreneurs – Amber Busuttil Mullen, Partner at Bowen Tax Law

April 1, 2024

Want to start your own tech company? In this episode, hear how to structure, launch and sell your own business – a great step-by-step guide for any entrepreneur!

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How an Industry-Sponsored Model Drives Enrollment in this Technical Program – Dr. Rod Flanigan, President of North Dakota State College of Science

March 25, 2024

How can colleges increase enrollment, provide relevant, skills-based learning to students, and guarantee a job out of college? The answer might be by implementing an industry-sponsorship model. Learn how NDSCS is using this model in their diesel technology program.

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The Value of Neurodiversity in the Manufacturing Workforce – Peter Rathmann, CEO of Allis Manufacturing

March 18, 2024

Manufacturing can offer a great career for neurodiverse individuals. Learn about how to build a company culture that embraces neurodiversity in our conversation with Peter Rathmann.

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An AI Tool to Digitize Drawings and Turn Individual Knowledge into Company Assets – Yushiro Kato, CEO of CADDi

March 10, 2024

CADDi Drawer is an AI-enabled platform that turns manufacturing drawings into searchable digital assets. Hear how this Industry 4.0 tool can not only save on procurement costs, it also enables companies to save individual knowledge as company assets.

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Data Analytics and AI are Accelerating Medical Research – Dr. Julie Panepinto, Director of the Division of Blood Diseases and Resources – NIH

March 4, 2024

Discover how data analytics and artificial intelligence are helping medical researchers and healthcare providers create the future of medicine.

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Why STEM Can Future-Proof Private Universities Against the Enrollment Cliff – Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin, President of Augustana University

February 26, 2024

The enrollment cliff is coming. If you want to future-proof your university (especially private ones!), you should invest in growing and marketing your STEM programs. These are the programs students will enroll in, since they tie to high-wage, high-demand careers.

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Developing an AI Strategy: Best Practices for Business Leaders – Todd Wanek, CEO of Ashley Furniture Industries

February 19, 2024

AI is here – how are you building a strategy to leverage these tools in your business? Todd Wanek, CEO of Ashley Furniture, gives business leaders best practices for creating an AI strategy. Learn from him in this podcast episode!

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