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Scott MacKenzie on The TechEd Podcast

Industrial Entertainment: How to Create Buzz Around Manufacturing

Scott MacKenzie, Host of Industrial Talk

Manufacturing in 2022 is going through this incredible digital transformation - Industry 4.0. Yet there's still a misconception that it's dark, dirty and dangerous. How do we change the face of manufacturing for students and parents? Industrial entertainment...

Dave Campbell on The TechEd Podcast

The 1-2-7 Rule for Career Readiness

Dave Campbell, Superintendent of Kalamazoo RESA

Leading districts are analyzing workforce data to help them understand where the career opportunities for their students are, and what skills and credentials are needed for those pathways. What’s the 1-2-7 Rule? For every 1 job that requires a doctoral or graduate degree...

Matt Kirchner on The TechEd Podcast

15 Predictions for 2022

Matt Kirchner, Host of the TechEd Podcast

We're preparing to see some major disruptions in 2022, in education, in the workforce, in our economic models, and certainly in technology. We've compiled all this data into 15 predictions to help you as you strategically plan your year. Listen, take notes, share this episode and let us know...

Tim Sullivan on The TechEd Podcast

Why Manufacturers Can't Find Workers (And How Schools Can Help)

Tim Sullivan, Chairman of the Bucyrus Foundation

Manufacturing is a totally different world than it was decades ago, with giant monolithic companies moving production to small-to-midsize businesses and tier one suppliers. This shift has brought about challenges of its own, and Tim Sullivan joins us to discuss these challenges and how education can play a major role in solving them...

Gov Scott Walker on The TechEd Podcast

Tech Ed: A Path to Entrepreneurship

Governor Walker, President of Young America's Foundation

We know that Career & Technical Education is a great pathway for students to secure the skills they need for high-wage, high-demand careers. But Tech Ed is also a great path for our students to become entrepreneurs and run businesses of their own! In this episode, we explore the role of free enterprise in CTE with Governor Scott Walker, President of Young America's Foundation. In addition to our conversation on entrepreneurship, we pick Governor Walker's brain for insights...

Tim Hood on The TechEd Podcast

Flexible, Nimble, Entrepreneurial: An Unconventional Approach to Higher Ed

Tim Hood, President of Mid-Michigan College

Flexible, nimble, entrepreneurial. These are three words that most of us wouldn't associate with our traditional college system. But what if we restructured the way we approach higher education to make it more flexible for all learners, to adapt more nimbly to workforce needs, and to instill an entrepreneurial spirit in the way education does its business? Tim Hood has some unconventional ideas you just have to hear...

Joe Gothard on The TechEd Podcast

The 12-Hour School Day

Dr. Joe Gothard, Superintendent of St. Paul Public Schools

Is it time we rethink the K-12 model? Our education system needs some major updates, including more flexibility, greater focus on student identity, and a college and career readiness plan that starts in kindergarten. Among a plethora of insights, Dr. Gothard shares his unconventional idea of the 12-Hour School Day. Could it really be a solution to...

Joe Gothard on The TechEd Podcast

Building Systemic Equity in Urban Education

Dr. Joe Gothard, Superintendent of St. Paul Public Schools

Education has reached a tipping point; people are waking up to the idea that we can and should do things in a different way. The challenge is how to actually enact change in a large urban district. St. Paul Public Schools reaches 35,000 students, 79%  of whom identify as a race other than white, with 125 languages spoken by these students at home. Dr. Joe Gothard shares his idea for what needs to be done to build systemic equity...

Dr. Jay Allen on The TechEd Podcast

Practical Tips for How Colleges Can Prepare Students for STEM Careers

Dr. Jay Allen, President of Itawamba Community College

How can technical and community colleges keep pace with the skilled workforce needs of their regional employers? How do we equip learners with the micro-credentials for highly-technical fields? How do we get more students excited to pursue STEM pathways? We answer these questions and more in our second episode...

Dr. Jay Allen on The TechEd Podcast

Why Community Colleges are Every State's Richest Resource

Dr. Jay Allen, President of Itawamba Community College

Two-year colleges are truly the unsung heroes of our communities. They provide a whole range of services that go beyond the classroom to advance education, culture, athletics, our workforce...the list goes on...

Missy Hughes on The TechEd Podcast

How to Build a Comprehensive Approach to Economic Development

Missy Hughes, Secretary of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation

Economic development strategies must take on a comprehensive, collaborative approach, especially in today's climate. Missy Hughes joins us to talk about how to view workforce issues in the broader context of education, entrepreneurship, socio-economics and more...

Matt Kirchner on The TechEd Podcast

11 Predictions: How Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Manufacturing

Matt Kirchner, Host of The TechEd Podcast

Artificial intelligence is totally transforming the world in which we live, learn, and work. But how exactly does artificial intelligence work? How should industrial employers be leveraging AI? And what can education do to prepare their students for an AI-driven workforce? Matt Kirchner breaks it all down in this episode...

Don Korfhage on The TechEd Podcast

The Connected Worker: How to Leverage Real-Time Data on the Factory Floor

Don Korfhage, Founder and President of iGear

If you're still printing data and charts, laminating it and pinning it to a huddle board...you're wasting time, manpower, and opportunities to be a data-driven organization. Don's company iGear has developed Squeaks, a software solution that is revolutionizing the way we collect, aggregate, share and respond to manufacturing data in real-time...

Dr Michael Lovell on The TechEd Podcast

STEM or Humanities? We Need Both

Dr. Michael Lovell, President of Marquette University

In part 2 with Michael Lovell, we answer a big question: STEM or Humanities? If we want well-rounded graduates, then the answer is quite simply, we need both. This STEM vs. Humanities discussion brings up a host of other questions that universities across the US have to answer. Our conversation dives into some of these, like...

Dr Michael Lovell on The TechEd Podcast

Cross-Disciplinary Teams Can Solve the World's Problems

Dr. Michael Lovell, President of Marquette University

How can we do a better job of solving the world's challenges? When it comes to research and innovation, too often we have siloed teams trying to solve big problems. Instead, we need broader teams of people from different backgrounds, organizations and skillsets to come together develop solutions. In this episode, Dr. Michael Lovell shows us how taking a cross-disciplinary approach to big problems is already accelerating innovation in...

John Pfeifer on The TechEd Podcast

How Oshkosh Uses Smart Manufacturing to Build the World’s Toughest Equipment

John Pfeifer, President and CEO of Oshkosh Corporation

The Oshkosh brand is instantly recognized for its specialty trucks and access equipment. Every piece of equipment they manufacture is designed to empower people and keep communities safe. Leading this charge is John Pfeifer, President and CEO of Oshkosh Corporation, who joins us in this episode of the podcast to discuss how connected smart manufacturing is driving innovation in the company...

Austin Ramirez on The TechEd Podcast

Where Forward-Thinking Manufacturers Invest Their Resources

Austin Ramirez, CEO of Husco

Austin Ramirez is an extremely successful CEO, leading Wisconsin-based manufacturer Husco. Austin talks with us about the priorities manufacturers should focus on as they lead their organizations into the future, including technology, employees, and future talent...

Maj Gen Paul Knapp on The TechEd Podcast

Work and Serve: The Dual Role of Our National Guardmembers

Maj. Gen. Paul Knapp, Adjutant General of the Wisconsin National Guard

Our National Guard Soldiers and Airmen have to balance service, work, and family life. In an era like the one we're in, that is particularly challenging. Maj. Gen. Paul Knapp discusses these challenges and how he's led the Wisconsin National Guard through a tumultuous few years. Despite all the challenges, employers, colleges and leaders have stepped up to support our guardmembers as they go above and beyond to serve their communities...

Chris Drees on The TechEd Podcast

IIoT is Powering the Future of Marine Engine Technology

Chris Drees, President of Mercury Marine

Self-docking boats, electric outboard motors, IoT-enabled boater safety wearables...this is the future of marine technology, and it's all being developed at Mercury Marine. In this episode, we're talking with Chris Drees, President of Mercury Marine. The organization is leading the world in marine engine technology...

Bill Pink on The TechEd Podcast

Bridging the Education-Industry Gap

Dr. Bill Pink, President of Grand Rapids Community College

In part 2 of our conversation with Dr. Bill Pink, President of Grand Rapids Community College, we're talking all things workforce development. We tap into Dr. Pink's extensive knowledge and experience working on the industrial workforce training side of community colleges to help you understand what employers need, and how education can quickly respond and meet those needs...

Bill Pink on The TechEd Podcast

Pay Attention: Relevance & Responsiveness in Higher Ed

Dr. Bill Pink, President of Grand Rapids Community College

The way we live, work and learn have all changed in the last two years. Some of these changes are due to technological advancement, and some are due to the COVID-19 pandemic. How must community colleges adapt to these changes? We asked Dr. Bill Pink, President of Grand Rapids Community College in Michigan to talk on the future of work and the vital role technical and community colleges play...

Matt Kirchner on The TechEd Podcast

The Group That's Totally Missing the Industry 4.0 Train

Matt Kirchner, Host of The TechEd Podcast

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) is like a freight train coming rapidly down the tracks. While some employers and educators have seen it coming and are preparing their workforce, operations and students...there's a whole group of people who are about to miss the train altogether...

Annette Parker on The TechEd Podcast

Improving Technical Education Across the US

Dr. Annette Parker, President of South Central College

Dr. Annette Parker is a name known nationwide in higher education. She has a unique career pathway and has used her experience to lead several states through innovative academic transformations. In this episode, we hear about emerging automotive trends, agriculture and Industry 4.0...

Peter Anderson on The TechEd Podcast

Electrification, Supply Chain and Industry 4.0

Peter Anderson, VP of Manufacturing and Supply Chain at Cummins Inc.

To design and create the most high-tech products, Cummins has embraced Industry 4.0 in its manufacturing and supply chain operations, deploying technologies like collaborative robots, 3D printing and next-gen additive manufacturing, augmented and virtual reality, and advanced data analytics...

Kurt Bauer on The TechEd Podcast

Solving Wisconsin's Economic Challenges

Kurt Bauer, CEO of Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce (WMC)

Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce (ranked #1 state chamber in the nation in 2020) is bolstering manufacturing, developing a skilled workforce, and training and retaining talent within the state. CEO Kurt Bauer tells us how they're accomplishing...

Laura Kohler on The TechEd Podcast

KOHLER: How a Global Brand Prioritizes Social Impact

Laura Kohler, SVP of Human Resources, Stewardship and Sustainability at Kohler Co.

The Kohler Company is known worldwide for their wide-ranging products, but they're also known for their social impact initiatives. These efforts seek to improve the lives of their associates, community members and individuals across the globe. Laura Kohler shows us the impact a global brand can have...

Katherine Frank and Glendali Rodriguez

The Advantage of a Polytechnic Education

Dr. Katherine Frank, Chancellor; and Glendali Rodriguez, Interim Provost - The University of Wisconsin-Stout

How does the UW-Stout achieve a 97%+ placement rate for their students? By focusing on applied learning, a career focus and collaboration. This is typical of a polytechnic university model, which puts far more emphasis on experiential learning. And it may just be the model that all of education needs to move toward in the future...

Ed Magee on The TechEd Podcast

Music & Manufacturing: The Art of Building a Guitar

Ed Magee, EVP of Operations at Fender and Co-President of the Fender Play Foundation

The Fender brand is synonymous with Rock n' Roll, and in this latest episode, the worlds of music & manufacturing collide! What does it take to work with a live material like wood to create Fender's famous guitars? What was it like meeting The Rolling Stones and watching them interact with Fender's master builders? What does the future of STEM and tech ed look like? Music, technology and education enthusiasts alike will love this episode...

Mark Mone and Johannes Britz on The TechEd Podcast

What It Takes To Be An R1 Research University

Dr. Mark Mone, Chancellor; and Dr. Johannes Britz, Provost of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

In part two of our series with Chancellor Mark Mone and Provost Johannes Britz of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, we're talking all about research. UWM is one of the few universities in the nation with the R1 distinction - the highest level designation for research activity a university can attain. In this episode, we talk about what it takes to maintain this distinction and some of the research projects being carried out at UWM...

Mark Mone and Johannes Britz on The TechEd Podcast

The Challenge and Opportunity for Urban Universities

Dr. Mark Mone, Chancellor; and Dr. Johannes Britz, Provost of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

How can education meet the needs of diverse student populations, particularly those in urban regions? In this two-part series, we're joined by the UWM to look at how universities can face the socio-economic challenges of their communities while providing top-tier academic experiences to students...

David Casper and Brett Pitts on The TechEd Podcast

How Digitization is Disrupting the Financial Sector

David Casper, U.S. Chief Executive Officer and Brett Pitts, Head of North American Treasury & Payment Solutions, BMO Financial Group

BMO Financial Group has been on the forefront of digital banking for decades, but the last year has prompted exponential innovation in products, services, customer relationships, and even how their employees work. David Casper and Brett Pitts share their insights into how the world of finance is changing due to new technologies, the Internet of Things...

Morna Foy on The TechEd Podcast

How the WTCS is Strengthening Wisconsin's Economy

Dr. Morna Foy, President of the Wisconsin Technical College System

Dr. Morna Foy is on a mission to optimize the impact of technical colleges in the state. While each college independently serves the unique needs of its region, the WTCS brings them all together with a focused vision: to strengthen Wisconsin's economy...

Blake Moret on The TechEd Podcast

Leading the Smart Manufacturing Revolution

Blake Moret, Chairman and CEO of Rockwell Automation

Blake Moret discusses how Rockwell Automation is leading the charge in smart manufacturing. They're doing it through investments in emerging industrial technologies, developing workforce training programs, building education partnerships....

Nick Pinchuk on The TechEd Podcast

Heroes of our Time: Restoring the Dignity of Work in America

Nick Pinchuk, Chairman and CEO of Snap-on

Nick Pinchuk talks about restoring the dignity of work in our culture, especially in manufacturing and the skilled trades. Manufacturers are the heroes of our time, and tech ed students will be the heroes of tomorrow. In this episode, Nick shares thought-provoking insights into why we need to change the way we talk about tech ed, why the jobs of today are a key...

Bryan Albrecht on The TechEd Podcast

What It Takes To Lead a World-Class Technical College

Dr. Bryan Albrecht, President & CEO of Gateway Technical College

Dr. Bryan Albrecht is a name known worldwide in technical education. He leads one of the nation's top technical colleges, and in this episode, we're getting an inside glimpse into how he does it all. Hear insights into Foxconn's presence in Wisconsin, Industry 4.0 technology and what the future of education will look like for future...

Wes Saber on The TechEd Podcast

Why HARIBO Prioritizes Community and Education

Wes Saber, Executive Vice President and CFO, HARIBO of America

Wes Saber, Executive Vice President and CFO of HARIBO of America, shares how the company is living out this people-centered mission in its first-ever North American facility. The company has invested incredible resources into the community, school districts, higher education and nonprofit organizations...

Mike Reader on The TechEd Podcast

Manufacturing's Role in Closing the Skills Gap

Mike Reader, President of Precision Plus

Precision Plus is no stranger to the skilled labor shortage that manufacturers all over the US are facing. "It's time to step up," notes Mike Reader, President of Precision Plus, our guest in this episode of The TechEd Podcast. His organization has ownership of their ability to engage with education and build a pipeline of talent in the region, with strategies including...

Patrick Booth on The TechEd Podcast

People, Tools, Processes: The Formula for IT Success

Patrick Booth, CEO of CCB Technology

IT isn't just for large corporations anymore. In today's digitized world, every nonprofit, small and medium business must learn to deploy technology to remain competitive. But it's not just the technology that builds a great business. Patrick shares with us the formula for IT success in any organization, which includes...

Tommy Thompson on The TechEd Podcast

Universities Should Be The Problem-Solvers

Governor Tommy Thompson, President of the University of Wisconsin System

Four-time Wisconsin Governor, US Secretary of Health and Human Services, and Wisconsin icon Tommy Thompson is bringing a fresh perspective to education in his new role as UW System President. Governor Thompson shares why universities should be the problem-solvers of the future, with ideas like...

Bill Berrien on The TechEd Podcast

How a Former Navy SEAL Platoon Commander Runs Advanced Manufacturing Operations

Bill Berrien, CEO of Pindel Global Precision and Founder of PRODx

"Highly-cohesive, highly-trained teams, enabled by advanced technology striving to accomplish outsized objectives." Bill Berrien takes his Navy SEAL leadership experience and applies it to the world of precision machining, from building highly-skilled teams to developing "Global Manufacturing's 9-1-1" through PRODx...

Dan Ariens on The TechEd Podcast

Lean, Leadership and Learning: How a Small Town Manufacturer Became a Global Brand

Dan Ariens, CEO of Ariens Company

Dan Ariens, Chairman and CEO of the Ariens Company and Executive Board Member of the Green Bay Packers, shares how the company's investment in Brillion, education and lean manufacturing is what made them the global leader they are today. In this episode, Dan shares insights into: continuous improvement and lean, Industry 4.0...

Todd Wanek on The TechEd Podcast

Technology and Talent in an Industry 4.0 Workforce

Todd Wanek, CEO of Ashley Furniture Industries

Ashley Furniture Industries has invested heavily in understanding the changes  Industry 4.0 is bringing to the world of work, adopting those technologies and processes, and preparing a talent pipeline to work in their highly-advanced facilities. Hear about how Industry 4.0 technologies are disrupting manufacturing, retail and the global supply chain...

Ron Wanek on The TechEd Podcast

From Farm to Forbes 400, the Story of the American Dream

Ron Wanek, Founder and Chairman of Ashley Furniture Industries

Ashley Furniture Industries is the #1 furniture manufacturer in the world, employing thousands of hard-working individuals across America and worldwide. The organization takes part in the entire furniture-making process - from raw material production to engineering to advanced manufacturing, supply chain and retail...

Mike Cicco on The TechEd Podcast

Why Schools Should Teach Industrial Robotics & Automation

Mike Cicco - President and CEO, FANUC America

As the world's largest robotics & CNC company, FANUC exists to solve engineering challenges. Mike shares insights every educator should hear, including: what the job market will be for skilled robotics technicians in the coming years, how robotics is disrupting manufacturing, e-commerce, automotive and more...

Sue Ellspermann and Chris Lowery on The TechEd Podcast

How a Statewide College Fully Aligned to Workforce Needs

Dr. Sue Ellspermann - President, and Chris Lowery - Vice President of Workforce and Careers, Ivy Tech Community College

Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana has innovated an education model like none other. This singly-accredited statewide college has the ability to offer identical programs at any location in perfect synchronicity with the workforce needs of the region...

Emily DeRocco on The TechEd Podcast

Work and Learn: Education & Innovation Under One Roof

Emily DeRocco, US Department of Labor and The Manufacturing Institute

In this episode, you'll hear about disruptive programs that utilize a "work and learn" model, including the IGNITE Mastering Manufacturing program, Operation Next, Industry-Recognized Apprenticeship Programs (IRAPs), the Manufacturing Institutes...

Paul Perkins on The TechEd Podcast

The Evolution and Future of Technical Education

Paul Perkins, President and CEO of Amatrol

Learn about the evolution of technical education, the outlook for the next 10 years, how the US can remain competitive in a global economy, and how education and industry can work together to train up a highly skilled workforce...

Rick Anderson on The TechEd Podcast

Healthcare 4.0

Rick Anderson, Smart Choice MRI CEO and WebMD Original Team Member

How do the core technologies of Industry 4.0 - smart sensors & devices, data analytics, digitization, artificial intelligence - manifest in the world of healthcare? Rick shares his unique insight into a revolution some are calling Healthcare 4.0...

John Lowry on The TechEd Podcast

Skilled Career Opportunities for Veterans

John Lowry, Assistant Secretary of Veterans Employment and Training - US Department of Labor

Why are veterans such great candidates for highly-skilled careers? Hear about the initiatives in place to help transition service members to successful employment in the civilian workforce...

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