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The TechEd Podcast

Conversations with leaders who are shaping, innovating and disrupting Technical Education

Bridging the gap between technical education and the modern workforce.

Hosted by international speaker, author and industry thought-leader Matt Kirchner, The TechEd Podcast is the only show where you get to hear from both sides of the education-workforce continuum.

With the rate of technological change, the world of work is evolving faster than ever. We launched this podcast to help educators develop programs that prepare students for the future of work, and for companies to stay ahead of their competition when it comes to technology & workforce.

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Featuring the most innovative leaders in education, workforce and government

We interview the top leaders from the most innovative companies and schools; people who aren't afraid to break the mold, who aren't afraid to disrupt the traditional model, all to create a better workforce for our future.

Fortune 500 CEOs, University Chancellors, College Presidents, Governors and Legislative Leaders, Superintendents...each week you'll learn from individuals thinking outside the box to solve the world's most complex education and workforce challenges.

Our guests include leaders from...

What our listeners are saying

The #1 podcast in TechEd

This podcast is a great resource to keep up with all the exciting changes in the world of manufacturing and technology. Get key insight from industry leaders from the Midwest and around the globe that you won’t find anywhere else. A must listen for anyone interested in how technology is changing the way businesses operate.

The pulse of Industry 4.0

This podcast has its fingers on the pulse of Industry 4.0, and Matt K. is a phenomenal guide, traversing the complexities of manufacturing and education in one forum. A+ work all around!


I find Matt's approach to be very compelling. He brings both perspectives, industry AND education. He doesn't hold back on what he thinks is important...

New and Exciting Content With Every Episode

I really enjoy listening to this podcast when I'm driving or have a free moment. Each episode brings a new guest with a fresh and exciting perspective of both education and the workforce!

I needed this podcast back when I was in High School!

Such great content that deserves more attention at all level of education. I wish I heard some of these episodes when I was navigating my own career path. Incredible guests, with incredible messages to share. Keep up the great work!

Inspiring topics featuring inspiring leaders

I’ve listened to most of your weekly podcasts and enjoy listening to the stories and conversations that feature business and education leaders from Wisconsin. Kudos to you for creating a platform that presents ideas and success stories that are important to Career and Technical Education teachers and leaders.

Best Career and TechEd Podcast

There are a lot of education podcasts out there. This is the only one that really focuses on bringing together voices from inside AND outside education and focuses specifically on STEM and Career/Tech Ed. This is a great podcast for anyone in education and also for anyone who employs STEM or skilled-trades talent in their workforce.

Filling in Gaps

This show spotlights a large and growing aspect of education that doesn’t get enough attention. Practical and technical education is a field growing exponentially. This podcast Highlights many of the facets of this diverse field.

Fantastic Topics on the Future of Industry

These podcasts are the best for learning about current and future technology. The stories are great. We need more of these interviews.