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Robot Integration: Taking Automation to the Next Level – Robby Komljenovic, Chairman and CEO of Acieta

Robot Integration: Taking Automation to the Next Level Robby Komljenovic, Chairman and CEO of Acieta Love the episode? Leave a review on your …

Robot Integration: Taking Automation to the Next Level – Robby Komljenovic, Chairman and CEO of Acieta Read More »

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Strengthening STEM in America, from Precision Ag to Nuclear Fusion – Congressman Frank Lucas, Chairman of the House Science, Space and Technology Committee

Precision agriculture, predictive weather tech, nuclear fusion..these are just some emerging technologies we discuss with Congressman Frank Lucas. It’s an exciting time to be in a STEM field – a great reason to support and grow STEM education in America.

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Breaking Barriers and Empowering Girls in Engineering – Heidi Balistrieri, Director of Engineering at Sentry Equipment

Heidi joins us for a discussion around women in engineering: how far we’ve come, how far we need to go, and what individuals, schools and businesses can do to create a world where every girl feels empowered to pursue a career in STEM.

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Workforce Ready: 3 Disruptions Shaping the Future of Technical Education – Jan Moore, VP for Economic Development at Ogeechee Technical College

The workforce is moving too fast for traditional tech ed to keep up. Disruptors like Jan Moore are flipping the model to create relevant training programs that deliver highly-targeted learning quickly, are backed by third party credentials, and benefit the learner and employer.

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Drones, Applied AI and the Future of Logistics – Sean Mitchell, VP of Customer Success at Gather AI

Gather AI has fully autonomous drones flying around warehouses, using smart sensors & camera systems to gather data on racks and pallets of inventory, communicating that data in real-time with the warehouse management system and keeping a live, accurate log of the entire warehouse’s inventory.

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The Titanium Economy: The Companies You’ve Never Heard of That Keep America Running – Asutosh Padhi, Managing Partner for McKinsey & Company North America

There’s a whole subset of our economy that you’ve never heard of, making products vital to your everyday life. The Titanium Economy is a major driver of the U.S. economy, providing jobs, products and well-being like you wouldn’t believe.

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An AI Playbook for the Classroom and Beyond – Jarrod Barnes, Professor at NYU

Get a primer on AI, learn about the AI playbook, and discover how one professor has found success driving student outcomes with AI in his classrooms.

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Adapt to the Market: What Universities Can Learn from Manufacturing Operations – Ed Magee, VP of Strategic Operations at Belmont University

University education is at a crossroads: adapt or go out of business. Ed Magee’s insights into operations leadership will help universities pivot their product offering and adapt to market demands to give today’s students what they need from a higher education.

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AI-Driven Learning: Empowering Students, Teachers, and Workers Alike – Dr. Rich Barnhouse, President of WCTC

AI is already here; now it’s time for higher education to embrace it. Dr. Rich Barnhouse has strategies for how to teach AI, how to use it to improve teachers’ and students’ lives, and how to meet the biggest needs of employers.

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The Data Science Behind Elite Athletic Performance – Dr. Matt Provencher, The Predictors

Dr. Matt Provencher has leveraged a career with the Navy SEALS, NFL teams and elite athletes to develop the most innovative algorithms and insights into peak performance, sports medicine and injury analytics

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