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AI & Baseball: New App-Based Technology Brings Elite Coaching to All Kids (Part 1) – Rocky Collis, CEO of Mustard

AI & Baseball: New App-Based Technology Brings Elite Coaching to All Kids Rocky Collis – CEO of Mustard Love the episode? Leave a …

AI & Baseball: New App-Based Technology Brings Elite Coaching to All Kids (Part 1) – Rocky Collis, CEO of Mustard Read More ยป

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Health Informatics: Using Data to Improve Patient Care – Dr. Brian Kay, Chief of Staff at Rogers Behavioral Health

Rogers Behavioral Health is leveraging data science to give patients better, more personalized care. Dr. Brian Kay joins us to discuss this fascinating field of health informatics and how data is disrupting healthcare.

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Anthony Murphy on The TechEd Podcast

How to Start Your Digital Transformation Journey – Anthony Murphy, VP of Product Management at Plex, by Rockwell Automation

Digital transformation isn’t just for the Fortune 500 companies. In fact, getting started is easier and less expensive, with a more rapid ROI, than most SMBs realize. Anthony Murphy joins us to talk about some simple strategies for small-and-midsize manufacturers who want to get started with their digital transformation efforts.

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Tim Sheehy on The TechEd Podcast

Attract Manufacturing Business & Talent on a Regional Scale – Tim Sheehy, President of the MMAC

Regions across the US are in competition to be destinations for manufacturing. Tim Sheehy, President of the MMAC, gives some strategies on how to attract manufacturing businesses to a region, how to develop the regional talent to support workforce needs, and the challenges regions can anticipate in these efforts.

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Using Gig Economy Technology to Transform Frontline Labor – Jason Radisson, Founder and CEO of Sh1ft

Sh1ft is taking technology design for the gig economy and using it to transform the frontline labor market, making HR and employee experience better.

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How Private Cellular Networks are Driving IoT in Manufacturing – US Cellular

Manufacturers are leveraging the power of private cellular networks to gather more data, innovate faster, and digitize their operations. US Cellular’s Mark Grushey and James Rose joined us at Rockwell Automation Fair to talk about cellular technology and IoT in manufacturing.

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What’s Next for Bryan Albrecht? Looking Back & Forward with One of Education’s Greatest Leaders – Dr. Bryan Albrecht, President Emeritus of Gateway Technical College

After 16 years as President of Gateway Technical College, Dr. Bryan Albrecht has retired…but big things are still in store as he looks ahead to new and different ways to impact education on a broader and greater scale.

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Economic Forecast for 2023: Implications for Education & the Workforce – Brian Beaulieu, CEO of ITR Economics

Brian Beaulieu, world-renown economist and CEO of ITR Economics, predicts what 2023 has in store for our global and national economy and how these trends will impact manufacturing and technical education.

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Developing the Workforce for Smart Manufacturing – Jeannine Kunz, Chief Workforce Development Officer of SME

SME’s Chief Workforce Development Officer Jeannine Kunz joins us for an episode jam-packed with insights on the talent crisis in manufacturing, critical challenges facing employers, and all the tools and resources being developed for workforce development in smart manufacturing.

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How to Leverage Partnerships to Build Success in Education – Jim Sawyer, President of Macomb Community College

How can colleges build strong, effective partnerships with employers, state governments, and their community? Dr. Jim Sawyer, President of Macomb Community Colleges, shares his insights with us.

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