What Education is Getting All Wrong About Artificial Intelligence

Matt Kirchner, Host of The TechEd Podcast

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Artificial intelligence is changing our entire world, and that includes the classroom.

Some are quick adopters while others are banning the technology in class. Most are trying to figure out AI's place in the classroom - how to embrace it in an ethical, safe way that enhances the student experience and improves learning outcomes.

But there are some things that education is getting totally wrong about artificial intelligence. No matter what your stance on AI in the classroom is, this episode will shed light on the most common misconceptions and how to rethink AI.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • How AI's influence extends far beyond what you might expect
  • The 5 misconceptions about AI that are misleading education's AI strategy
  • What your students probably think AI is (and why they're wrong)
  • Why trying to ban AI from classrooms is a big mistake
  • How to manage the potential risks associated with AI
  • How embracing AI could revolutionize educational outcomes and future-proof students' skills

Quotable Moments:

"We are fighting a losing battle trying to ban the use of generative AI in the classroom. Instead, we should innovate our approach to education in the age of artificial intelligence."

"We don't need to understand AI in order to use AI. Sometimes the fact that we don't understand it completely is the reason that some people are afraid of it."

3 Big Takeaways from this episode:

  1. AI in education requires a new approach: The traditional focus on rote memorization is becoming less relevant as AI provides easy access to information. Instead, schools should emphasize critical thinking, hands-on assessments, and project-based learning to ensure genuine student understanding and engagement. AI can enhance these learning approaches.
  2. Banning AI in classrooms is ineffective: Some schools are banning AI altogether. Even if this is a temporary approach while the school decides its position on AI in the classroom, efforts to completely exclude AI tools like ChatGPT from educational settings are likely to fail. Instead, find ways to integrate AI in a way that enhances learning experiences while maintaining academic integrity. Why? Because this is exactly how the workforce is using artificial intelligence.
  3. Proactive risk management is essential: We're pro-artificial intelligence, but that doesn't mean it comes without risks. Schools have to consider data privacy, student privacy, ethics, cheating and the potential loss of human connection. Educators should focus on mitigating these risks by fostering digital literacy and maintaining robust privacy standards .

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