Does Generative AI Belong in the Classroom?

Dr. Dwayne Wood, Professor at National University

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Does generative AI belong in the classroom? How will it impact the student experience?

Better yet, how can educators leverage generative AI in instructional design and curriculum-building?

Our guest, Dr. Dwayne Wood, shares his unique insights on how AI is revolutionizing instructional design and enhancing learning experiences. From the importance of maintaining the human element in AI-driven education to practical tips on integrating AI tools effectively, Dwayne provides a comprehensive look at the future of teaching. Join us as we explore the synergy between AI and human creativity, the challenges and opportunities in modern classrooms, and how educators can harness AI to empower students and create more engaging learning environments.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • How AI is transforming instructional design and the learning experience
  • The importance of keeping the human element in AI-driven education
  • Practical tips for effectively integrating AI tools in the classroom
  • The challenges and opportunities that AI brings to modern education
  • How educators can use AI to create more engaging and personalized learning environments

Quotable Moments:

"Leadership and teaching are the exact same thing. We just call them different and apply the techniques differently, but they're the exact same thing."

"We spend a lot of time thinking about how to design student experiences in the age of artificial intelligence. There’s a hesitation to use it because there aren't clear guidelines and social acceptance. It comes down to how. Understanding equals motivation, and motivation equals understanding. We need to produce about this technology and understand its true limitations and boundaries so we can apply it in a way that requires critical thinking."

"If I’m not including AI use within the coursework itself, I'm doing a disservice to the student because they're going to go out and have a job interview, and one of the questions they're going to be asked is tell us your experience with generative AI. And they're not going to have it."

"Think of it as you're forming a team with AI. You are offsetting some of your weaknesses with some of its strengths, but it also has weaknesses that you offset as the human in the loop."

3 Big Takeaways from this episode:

  1. AI tools can revolutionize instructional design by making learning more adaptable and student-centered: With AI, educators can tailor their teaching methods to meet the diverse needs of their students. This is how we can achieve truly personalized learning. Without tools like AI, educators won't have the bandwidth to create custom learning plans for every student, every lesson, every day. With AI, we can get closer to achieving personalized learning.
  2. Effective integration of AI in classrooms requires educators to be proactive in learning and adapting to new technologies: Educators must stay informed about the latest AI developments and how these tools can be applied to their teaching practices. Continuous professional development and a willingness to experiment with AI tools are crucial for maximizing the benefits of AI in education. Dwayne's advice? Just do it.
  3. The integration of AI in education must preserve the human element to be truly effective: Every day, AI becomes a better instructional design tool. But we must retain the human-in-the-loop. Maintaining a balance between AI and human interaction ensures that education remains a deeply personal and engaging experience.

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