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The 1-in-8 Workforce Dilemma

1 in 8 working-age men in the United States are spending their most productive years out of the workforce. What do we do about it?

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Driving Smart Transportation Research

David Noyce and UW-Madison are truly driving smart transportation research. Listen & learn about innovation in transportation tech!

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Governor Tony Evers

“The Education Governor” Tony Evers talks all about education and workforce development on this episode of The TechEd Podcast!

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Joshua Johnson on The TechEd Podcast

The Power of DEIA in Apprenticeships

Joshua Johnson (Jobs for the Future) talks about the life-changing power fo apprenticeship, and how to build DEIA into these programs.

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Sixty by 30: Reskilling Michigan’s Workforce

LEO Director Susan Corbin talks with us about Michigan’s Sixty by 30 goal to get more degrees and credentials in the workforce.

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Turning Students Into Full Stack Roboticists

Damen Provost, Managing Director of the U-M Robotics Institute to talks about the exciting field of robotics in Michigan.

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The Technology That Powered An NBA Championship Run

Robert Cordova, Chief Technology & Strategy Officer of the Milwaukee Bucks, talks about how technology powered the team to win an NBA Championship

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Leading Through Massive Growth in Manufacturing

Aaron Jagdfeld led Generac to 50% YoY growth in 2021. We talk about how they’re automating, reskilling and preparing for more growth.

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The Future of Energy, Power and Smart Homes

Aaron Jagdfeld, CEO of Generac, shares insights into the future of energy, power and smart home technology.

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Scott MacKenzie on The TechEd Podcast

Industrial Entertainment: How to Create Buzz Around Manufacturing

Scott MacKenzie, host of Industrial Talk, is a manufacturing marketing guru who shares the secret to creating buzz around manufacturing.

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