What it Takes to be an R1 Research University

With Dr. Mark Mone - Chancellor, and Dr. Johannes Britz - Provost of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

In part two of our series with Chancellor Mark Mone and Provost Johannes Britz of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, we're talking all about research. UWM is one of the few universities in the nation with the R1 distinction - the highest level designation for research activity a university can attain.

In this episode, we talk about what it takes to maintain this distinction and some of the research projects being carried out at UWM that are serving the region. You'll learn about:

  • Partnering with other institutions on research projects
  • IIoT, smart manufacturing and the Connected Systems Institute
  • How the Maggi Sue will enable more research on Lake Michigan than ever before
  • The importance of technology and connectivity
  • Why organizations like Rockwell, Dell, Cisco and WE Energies have backed UWM's research

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