The Challenge and Opportunity for Urban Universities

With Dr. Mark Mone - Chancellor, and Dr. Johannes Britz - Provost of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

How can education meet the needs of diverse student populations, particularly those in urban regions? In this two-part series, we're joined by the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Chancellor Mark Mone and Provost Johannes Britz to look at how universities can face the socio-economic challenges of their communities while providing top-tier academic experiences to students.

In this first episode, we focus on the challenge of leading a university in the most diverse, and also most segregated, city in the state. UWM's leadership has launched incredible initiatives to serve all its students, its community and its extensive alumni base in Milwaukee.

  • How UWM has made Milwaukee a great place to learn, work and live
  • Why mental toughness matters in higher education
  • What it means to be a university for the community and from the community
  • What UWM is doing to promote diversity, equity and inclusion
  • What we can learn from higher education in other countries and cultures
  • Facing the COVID challenge on an urban campus

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