How Digitization is Disrupting the Financial Sector

With David Casper, U.S. Chief Executive Officer and Brett Pitts, Head of North American Treasury & Payment Solutions, BMO Financial Group

Digitization, Industry 4.0, the Internet of matter what you call it, our current era is seeing more disruption across every economic sector than ever before, changing the way we produce,  deliver and consume goods. Financial services are no exception.

BMO Financial Group has been on the forefront of digital banking for decades, but the last year has prompted exponential innovation in products, services, customer relationships, and even how their employees work.

During the pandemic, the organization used technology to shift the way customers' needs were met, all while remaining true to BMO's core mission. During this episode, BMO U.S. Chief Executive David Casper and Head of North American Treasury & Payment Solutions Brett Pitts provide insights into this new world of digital finance.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How BMO shifted their workforce and services online during a pandemic year
  • Where BMO's corporate customers are investing in digitization
  • How to leverage AI and data to make better business decisions
  • What banking will look like in 2031
  • How schools should prepare students for careers of tomorrow
  • Career opportunities in financial services that exist thanks to digitization

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