How the WTCS is Strengthening Wisconsin's Economy

With Dr. Morna Foy, President of the Wisconsin Technical College System

Technical and community colleges are vital to our economic prosperity. They provide skills-based training for students to enter high-demand careers, a pipeline of talent to our businesses, and a resource for reskilling our workforce.

As President of the Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS), Dr. Morna Foy is on a mission to optimize the impact of technical colleges in the state. While each college independently serves the unique needs of its region, the WTCS brings them all together with a focused vision: to strengthen Wisconsin's economy.

How does the WTCS accomplish this? We dive into those details in this episode, where you'll learn about:

  • Why mission-driven strategies are the best way to create alignment
  • How the state is using dual credit and credit transfer to provide more options to students
  • How Wisconsin is leading the nation in registered and youth apprenticeships
  • Why industry-recognized certifications are going to be a major factor for education in the coming years
  • What economic sectors are seeing the most disruption in 2021
  • How to align technical college programs to workforce needs

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