Music and Manufacturing: The Art of Making a Guitar

With Ed Magee, Executive Vice President of Operations at Fender and Co-Founder of the Fender Play Foundation

The Fender brand is synonymous with all things rock n' roll. But what does it actually take to build a Fender guitar? In a fascinating discussion with Ed Magee, Executive Vice President of Operations at Fender, we talk about how the worlds of music and manufacturing collide in more ways than meets the eye.

And Ed's role goes beyond the manufacturing process. He's a strong advocate for building our STEM and technical trades workforce, for training and employing veterans, and for increasing diversity, equity and inclusion in the manufacturing workforce. Perhaps most of all, he's committed to providing hands-on music education to students through his work as Co-President of the Fender Play Foundation.

Music, technology and education enthusiasts alike will love this episode, where we talk about:

  • Where creativity comes into play for both manufacturing and music
  • How building a guitar is such a unique process in the world of manufacturing
  • Combining IIoT and advanced technologies with the art of master crafting wood guitars
  • Watching artists like the Rolling Stones interact with Fender's master builders
  • The goal to reach 1 million students nationwide through the Fender Play Foundation by 2030

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