The Advantage of a Polytechnic Education

With Dr. Katherine Frank, Chancellor; Glendali Rodriguez, Interim Provost of the University of Wisconsin Stout

The University of Wisconsin-Stout prioritizes applied learning, career-focused education and collaboration, leading to a 97%+ placement rate for its students!

The model of a polytechnic university is truly unique and is perhaps the best way to prepare our students for today's highly skilled careers. In this episode, we're talking with UW-Stout's Chancellor Dr. Katherine Frank and Interim Provost Glendali Rodriguez to learn what drives the university's initiatives and what makes them so successful.

STEM and technical educators will gain great insights from this episode, covering topics like:

  • The advantage a polytechnic education has for a student's career pathway
  • How to solve the tech ed teacher shortage
  • How to develop incredible partnerships with employers
  • The keys to strong collaboration with other academic institutions
  • The value of experiential and applied learning

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