KOHLER: How a Global Brand Prioritizes Social Impact

With Laura Kohler, Senior Vice President for Human Resources, Stewardship and Sustainability - Kohler Co.

The Kohler Co. brand is recognized worldwide for everything from kitchen and bath appliances to generators and hospitality. But they're also known for their social impact initiatives, which seek to improve the lives of their associates, community members and individuals across the globe.

In this episode,  Laura Kohler, the company's Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Stewardship and Sustainability, shows us the impact a global brand can have  in creating a better world in which to work and live.

In an engaging conversation, we learn about:

  • How art and manufacturing converge in Kohler's facilities
  • The Believing in Better initiative for stewardship and sustainability
  • Why gender and ethnic representation in leadership is so crucial
  • How a diverse workforce accelerates innovation
  • The importance of STEM/STEAM education and why public education is the key to bright futures for our students

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