The Success Formula: How Culture and Employee Engagement Drive Results

John Mellowes, Chief Executive Officer - Charter Manufacturing

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In today's manufacturing landscape, culture can make or break your business. But culture is about far more than a catchy mission statement or list of company values displayed on the wall.

John Mellowes is the CEO of Charter Manufacturing and an expert on company culture and joins us for an important discussion that every business leader needs to hear.

In this episode...

  • Building a long-term business strategy vs. short-term revenue goals
  • How to include every team member in continuous improvements (and how Charter has measured CI projects over 20 years)
  • Why products and business strategy will fail without the right culture
  • The "success formula" and the feedback loop that drives continuous positive results
  • The 4 drivers of employee engagement
  • Leadership vs. stewardship (and why the distinction should matter to business leaders)

3 Big Takeaways from this episode:

  1. The "success formula" proves the value of culture on your bottom line: In every organization, there is a direct relationship between culture, engagement, performance and results. Culture drives employee engagement. Engaged employees improve their performance. Improved performance drives better results for the company. These results mean more resources the company can invest back into employees and the business. This reinvestment builds up the healthy culture. (And on and on the cycle continues).
  2. Want engaged employees? Work on these four things: If you provide these four things to your employees, you'll see their engagement skyrocket: psychological safety, being part of a team, being recognized for their role on the team, and the opportunity to develop toward their personal potential.
  3. Leaders must also be stewards of the business: Stewardship is similar to leadership, with the added element of time. In other words, a steward leads a company with the mindset that they will one day leave it in the hands of another. The goal is to leave it better than you found it, ensuring the long-term growth and success for generations to come.

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