Why Schools Should Teach Industrial Robotics & Automation

With Mike Cicco - President and CEO, FANUC America

As the world's largest robotics & CNC company, FANUC exists to solve engineering challenges. Whether that's automating a production facility or preparing learners to work in an automated workplace, FANUC has created a solution.

As our economy becomes more automated, every high school, college and university should be teaching students on authentic industrial robots and CNC machines...the kind of technology they're going to see in the workforce.

In this episode, we're talking with Mike Cicco, the President and CEO of FANUC America. Mike shares insights every educator should hear, including:

  • What the job market will be for skilled robotics technicians in the coming years
  • How robotics is disrupting manufacturing, e-commerce, automotive and more
  • FANUC's CERT program for schools
  • Innovations in collaborative robot technology
  • How AI and machine learning are impacting automation
  • How CNC-driven processes are evolving

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