Why HARIBO Prioritizes Community and Education

With Wes Saber, Executive Vice President and CFO of HARIBO of America

"Kids and grownups love it so...the happy world of HARIBO!" We're all familiar with the famous goldbears from HARIBO, a 100-year-old company that prides itself on crafting every gummy with quality and joy.

Wes Saber, Executive Vice President and CFO of HARIBO of America, shares how the company is living out this people-centered mission in its first-ever North American facility. The company has invested incredible resources into the community, school districts, higher education and nonprofit organizations...even before they broke ground in December 2020!

In this episode, Wes tells us why they've made this investment. It's great information every manufacturer can benefit from. You'll hear insights about:

  • What attracted HARIBO to Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin
  • How manufacturers can be proactive in marketing their advanced manufacturing career opportunities with regional schools
  • The gold standard for investing back into a community
  • Engaging every type of learner - from K-12, to adult learners, to veterans
  • The types of advanced manufacturing and distribution technology in their German facility, and what we might see in North America

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