What It Takes To Lead a World-Class Technical College

With Dr. Bryan Albrecht, President & CEO of Gateway Technical College

Dr. Bryan Albrecht is a name known worldwide in technical education. He leads one of the top technical colleges in the country as its President and CEO. Under his leadership, Gateway Technical College has been called a model school, an innovator, and a leadership college.

Gateway is unparalleled in so many ways - its strength of strategic partnerships with regional employers and educators, its incredible foundation and support of students, and especially the way it continually creates and evolves its programs to meet the needs of the workforce.

In this episode, we're getting an inside look into how Bryan does it all. We're asking the questions you've always wanted the answers to, like:

  • How did you know Industry 4.0 was "the next big thing" before anyone else?
  • Why do you believe Foxconn's future in Wisconsin is a bright one?
  • What is the biggest threat to the future success of technical education?
  • Would you ever serve your state or nation in a government role?
  • How does someone with your level of success find work-life balance?
  • and many, many more!

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