Mobilizing Michigan: Creating a High-Tech Workforce for the Future

Kerry Ebersole Singh, Chief Talent Solutions & Engagement Officer - Michigan Economic Development Corporation

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The Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) is on a mission to develop the fastest-growing and most equitable economy in the country. With technology progressing faster than ever alongside a tight labor market, Kerry Ebersole Singh has an important job as MEDC's Chief Talent Solutions & Engagement Officer.

We sat down with Kerry to discover how the MEDC is addressing the workforce needs of the state's employers. It's an episode full of insights, takeaways and strategies every state government, employer and education system can learn from.

3 Big Takeaways from this episode:

  1. Workforce development requires short-term and long-term strategies: For sustainable economic growth, states should build talent strategies that pay off in the short term and in decades to come. Short-term efforts include incumbent workforce training, bootcamps and certification programs, and technical/community colleges partnerships. Long-term strategies seek to build more STEM-focused learning in K-12 education.
  2. Certifications play an important role in this era of lifelong learning: In today's workforce, every individual will have to continually learn new skills to remain current throughout their career. In response, more employers are embracing third-party credentials that will ensure their employees have the industry-standard skills needed. Employers can then align their employee training efforts with these credentials to help those individuals progress in their career.
  3. Industry, education, and government can work cohesively to align needs and resources: Employers: sit down with the president and deans of your local college and clearly articulate your workforce needs. Contact your local and state economic development organizations to discover resources available for your workforce needs. In this episode, Kerry shares a unique project the MEDC has done to connect the needs of employers with the resources available at each university and college in Michigan.

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