Lean, Leadership and Learning: How a Small Town Manufacturer Became a Global Brand

With Dan Ariens, CEO of Ariens Company

There's an orange Ariens snowblower on every continent on the planet. But did you know the Ariens Company is a four-generation family owned manufacturer in the small town of Brillion, Wisconsin?

Dan Ariens, Chairman and CEO of the Ariens Company and Executive Board Member of the Green Bay Packers, shares how the company's investment in Brillion, education and lean manufacturing is what made them the global leader they are today. In this episode, Dan shares insights into:

  • How lean and continuous improvement are essential to every manufacturer
  • What Industry 4.0 technologies they're using in their process and how that has optimized production
  • The importance of apprenticeships and work-based learning for students
  • Why businesses should take ownership of the skills gap problem
  • How education should engage their industry partners in STEM and Tech Ed projects
  • What the Green Bay Packers organization can teach us about business
  • The importance of investing in our ecosystem and sustaining natural resources

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