Is a College Degree Worth It? Career Conversations Parents Should Have With Their Students

Terry Iverson, Founder of CHAMPION Now

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Let's face it: college isn't for everyone. Especially with the amount of student debt being carried by individuals long into their career; oftentimes, for degrees that don't even get used.

We need to inform and inspire students towards careers they're passionate about and wired for, and help them find the right education option that will get them to that goal. Parents, educators, mentors in the workforce - we all have a role in making sure the next generation workforce has the right set of skills for their profession, especially in manufacturing.

In this episode, we bring on Terry Iverson - Founder of CHAMPION Now and author of Inspiring Champions in Advanced Manufacturing: Discover the Path to a Debt-Free Career. Terry's books are all about highlighting the world of manufacturing and why it's a great career choice. And in this latest book, it's a unique message to parents and their teens.

Listen in for a great conversation about mentorship, the right education for the right career, manufacturing, and the value of asking the right questions and having candid conversations with students.

3 Big Takeaways from this episode:

  1. Students need an education that's aligned to their career goals: Let's flip the all-students-go-to-college mindset to one where students are provided all the options available to them post-secondary, and then they make an informed decision that aligns to their career goals. That means teaching them the ROI of an education, teaching them about college debt, and helping them discover what they're passionate about.
  2. Manufacturing (and similar industries) need to be options on the table: When students sit with their school counselor and when parents have conversations about the future with their kids and teens, they need to include options like manufacturing, the skilled trades, and other often-overlooked industries. There are tons of benefits to a manufacturing career, like good wages, overtime opportunity, upward mobility, employers will pay your way through school, and having a set work schedule. It's great for those hands-on individuals who would rather be on their feet, solving problems, building things, working with technology than sitting at a desk all day.
  3. Parents and their students need to have candid, informed conversations with each other: Whether it's a parent teaching their teen about the long-term effect of student debt or a kid telling their parent that they love their welding class and want to do it as a career, parents and their kids need to have more open conversations about career goals and all the options to get them there. That's why Terry wrote his latest book (link below) - so families can have these candid conversations.

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