STEM or Humanities? We Need Both

Dr. Michael Lovell, President of Marquette University

In part 2 of our conversation with Dr. Michael Lovell, we answer a big question: STEM or Humanities?

If we want well-rounded graduates, then the answer is quite simply, we need both.

Navigating this balance can be difficult. In the case of Marquette University's Jesuit roots, Dr. Lovell shares how the liberal arts work alongside new innovations in STEM and technology-based programs to produce students with the skills and character for successful futures.

This STEM vs. Humanities discussion brings up a host of other questions that universities across the US have to answer. Our conversation dives into some of these, like:

  • How do you find the right balance between liberal arts and STEM?
  • Is the traditional model of higher education outdated? And what should universities be doing about it?
  • How do liberal arts universities need to pivot in this digital age?
  • What role do universities and their regional partners play in socio-economic issues?
  • How do we get liberal arts majors and STEM majors in the same room solving problems together?

If you missed part 1 where we talked extensively about cross-disciplinary teams, you can catch up by listening here:

What our listeners are saying

I needed this podcast back when I was in High School!

Such great content that deserves more attention at all level of education. I wish I heard some of these episodes when I was navigating my own career path. Incredible guests, with incredible messages to share. Keep up the great work!


I find Matt's approach to be very compelling. He brings both perspectives, industry AND education. He doesn't hold back on what he thinks is important...

Inspiring topics featuring inspiring leaders

I’ve listened to most of your weekly podcasts and enjoy listening to the stories and conversations that feature business and education leaders from Wisconsin. Kudos to you for creating a platform that presents ideas and success stories that are important to Career and Technical Education teachers and leaders.

Best Career and TechEd Podcast

There are a lot of education podcasts out there. This is the only one that really focuses on bringing together voices from inside AND outside education and focuses specifically on STEM and Career/Tech Ed. This is a great podcast for anyone in education and also for anyone who employs STEM or skilled-trades talent in their workforce.

The pulse of Industry 4.0

This podcast has its fingers on the pulse of Industry 4.0, and Matt K. is a phenomenal guide, traversing the complexities of manufacturing and education in one forum. A+ work all around!

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