Sixty by 30: Reskilling Michigan's Workforce

Susan Corbin, Director of Michigan's Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity

Michigan has some big plans to reinvigorate their workforce. The Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity  is ready to meet the challenge.

We sat down with LEO's Director Susan Corbin to talk about her unique department, where workforce development and economic development are aligned and working together.

At the forefront of our discussion is Governor Gretchen Whitmer's Sixty by 30 goal, which seeks to increase the number of working-age adults with a skill certificate or college degree toward the goal of 60% by 2030.

Sixty by 30 Initiatives

We discuss the different programs that are enabling stakeholders to carry out the mission of Sixty by 30:

  • Michigan Reconnect: Helps pay tuition and training fees for individuals seeking degrees and certificates from their local community college
  • Skills to Work: Provides resources to individuals seeking to continue their education and training
  • Futures for Frontliners: Covers college tuition for those working the front lines during the height of the pandemic
  • Going PRO: Provides resources for those pursuing a career in the professional trades

Also in this episode..

Automation in the Workforce

The timing couldn't be more perfect to launch an initiative like Sixty by 30. Like many states, Michigan employers are investing in advanced automation and Industry 4.0, requiring a workforce with a whole new skillset.


As "the state that put the world on wheels," Michigan continues to innovate in the automotive industry. We discuss the $5 million Michigan Revolution for Electrification of Vehicles Academic (MiREV) grants to the Southeast Michigan Community Alliance (SEMCA) to prepare talent needed in today's electric vehicle and mobility industry.

Visit Michigan's Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity to learn more about the programs they offer:


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